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Remote Support powered by Glia

Intrepid Credit Union's promise to deliver solutions that make our member's experience as seamless as possible is continued with the launch of our remote support system, Glia. Now you can connect with a live, local teller from any electronic device during operating hours. Whether you have a question about your account or need guidance on applying for a product, Glia ensures that the assistance you need is just a click away. 

Here is how it works:

Our remote support is located on the right hand corner on our website from any electronic device. Simply click on the chat icon then choose which communication channel works best for you. 

Chat with a Live, Local Teller

Say hello to effortless banking as our dedicated team walks you through every step, offering personalized support and even the option to cobrowse (which will be available in the near future). All of our virtual tellers are located out of our Helena, Montana office, which means you have the comfort of knowing that you are talking with a member of your community and not a bot. 


Start a conversation with us from anywhere. Our chat feature connects you directly to one of our virtual tellers. Rest assured knowing our virtual tellers are located in one of our Montana branches and can help you answer any of your questions or provide you with resources. 

Video, Audio, or Phone

Our video, audio, or phone features allow you to talk directly with one of our local tellers from the comfort of your home. Perhaps you have some additional questions you would like to ask or you feel the question is too much to type out on chat, our team is here to help you. These features will be available to our members soon. 

CoBrowsing and Screen Share

Need help reviewing an application? CoBrowsing allows our team to see what you see on your computer. If you are stuck, or something isn't working the way you expect, our team can easily see the issue and communicate on your next step. Once you are finished with your session, cobrowsing completely turns off. We look forward to offering the cobrowsing feature over the next year.