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Bidding Guidelines for Reposessed Collateral

Vehicles and other loan security that Intrepid Credit Union has repossessed are available for bid to Intrepid Credit Union members and the general public under the following guidelines:

  1. All questions regarding repossessions should be directed to the Collections Department at [email protected] or 406-443-5400 Ext 6016.
  2. All vehicles and other collateral are sold in “as is with all faults” condition.
  3. Sealed bids will be accepted on collateral by completing the bid form and returning to the Credit Union in a sealed envelope. Please forward all sealed envelopes to the Collections Department using one of the following methods:
    1. Drop off through Drive Through or Night Drop at the following locations:
      1. 915 Kessler St. Helena, MT
      2. 1930 Prospect Ave. Helena, MT
      3. 3150 N Sanders St. Helena, MT
      4. 424 E. Main St. Suite 102B Bozeman, MT
    2. Email completed bid sheet to the Collections Department at [email protected] . If a signature is not present on the bid sheet, you will be emailed a DocuSign form to electronically sign the official bid.
  4. Interested parties may inspect collateral during Credit Union business hours by scheduling an appointment with the Collections Department by calling 443-5400 Ext 6016.
  5. The Credit Union reserves the right to reject any and all bids offered on any repossessed item.
  6. Bids will be accepted for the 15 calendar days following the listing date.
  7. Defaulted members are not eligible to bid.

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